Free parking offered to car-sharers at Manchester Airport

ForestCar will launch their car-sharing services on January 4, in attempt to tackle carbon emissions, encouraging travelers to rent their cars out to others at Manchester Airport.

As an alternative to traditional airport parking, they will offer free parking using the existing car parks of APH. The service also includes a free clean of the vehicle for customers who offer their car to be used as part of the service.

CEO of ForestCar, Charlie Palmer, said: “We are delighted to be able to introduce car sharing services to visitors of Manchester Airport. By making car sharing safe, we’re allowing airport visitors to turn car parking cost into income, while also benefiting the environment.”

ForestCar plan to tackle vehicle emissions by investing 10% of their profits into planting new trees in rain forests and customers can get involved by choosing to invest some of their own earnings in planting trees.

APH Managing Director Nick Caunter, said: “ForestCar’s successful pilot in Manchester could lead to APH providing these services at its other cars parks serving Birmingham and Gatwick airports.”

Telematics devices will be installed into the vehicles so drivers can be safely monitored and all vehicles rented out will be covered by insurance and monitored whilst on the road before they are returned to the owners.

ForestCar CEO, Charlie Palmer, said: “We want to create a global community of travellers who share their cars and help restore rainforests. The impact of ForestCar, will be fewer cars in society, more trees in tropical rainforests, and less CO2 choking up the atmosphere.”

Customers gain a share of the rental fees and are not expected to pay for parking even if there is no one available to rent their vehicle.