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ACI World welcomes deployment of RFID technology for baggage tracking

Airports Council International (ACI) World has welcomed the news that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other similar technologies for baggage tracking will be deployed.

ACI said it has always strongly supported the development of new and better technologies for the purpose of tracking passenger baggage across the global air transport system.

The airport tradet body added: “Experience has shown that the seamless deployment of any technology is best achieved through cooperation between airports, airlines and all other parties to find the most cost-effective and operationally suitable solution.

“There is a range of technical solutions available to airlines, airports, and partners for baggage tracking. RFID is one such solution, but may not be the most appropriate or cost-effective solution for all airports.

“ACI recommends that airports work with their airlines and other partners and stakeholders to consider all options and assess and meet the unique local needs and circumstances with a view to improved efficiency and service for all.”