ADB SAFEGATE announces the launch of its new AXON EQ LED inset lights

ADB SAFEGATE has announced the launch of its new AXON EQ fixtures, a range of intelligent LED inset lights that have built-in sensors to collect situational data.

The AXON EQ lights are equipped with integrated LINC 360 remotes, essential for creating two-way communication that allows for more streamlined, predictive airport operations.

Unlike today, these new smart lights will enable airports to pinpoint service and maintenance needs while also providing a higher level of control to improve airport operations under low-visibility and other challenging conditions.

The new AXON EQ LED inset lights have improved optics and reinforced top covers for enhanced photometrics and unmatched durability and longevity.

The fixtures offer smart electronics with multiple control and monitoring options, allowing airports to decide which configuration best suits their operational needs.

An optional integrated LINC 360 communication module with new state-of-the-art technology provides superior immunity to noise.

It also dramatically increases data bandwidth between the control and monitoring system and the light fixtures.

The newly designed, innovative LED inset fixtures also have a reduced bottom pan profile, allowing for a very shallow base can installation.

An improved mechanical design strengthens and consolidates components, improving the customer maintenance experience.

Other maintenance benefits include a robust cord set that protects against insulation damage and ‘water wicking’ and an extra-large bolt opening, lifting hole and pry slot.

“With the release of our new AXON EQ lights, we will take another step in making your airfield even safer and accessible not only thinking of what issues that you encounter today but also what potential improvements that can be used in the future,” said Rikard Larsson Global Product Manager AGL Lighting ADB SAFEGATE.