ADB SAFEGATE apron management upgrade at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

ADB SAFEGATE have announced it will provide an A-VDGS and apron management upgrade at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

ADB SAFEGATE will update A-VDGS on terminals A, B, C and D with renewed technology and adding docking systems on gates at Terminal E. The company will also connect the new A-VDGS to the airport’s existing SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) system.

Joe Pokoj, chief executive officer for ADB SAFEGATE Americas, said: “Our 2008 installation at DFW was the first airport-airline A-VDGS collaboration and introduced the ability to dock and deplane aircraft during lightning events in the US expanding the use of our solutions airport wide will help DFW ensure the same consistent, safe and efficient airside operation for all its carriers.”

Automated docking helps mitigate delays and disruption during a thunderstorm, deplaning passengers during periods when the ramp is closed to ground personnel. 39 of the original docking systems on Terminal D have already been replaced with new systems.

DFW has purchased an additional A-VDGS which was installed at the airport’s headquarters building for employee awareness and internal training.

The installations at terminals A, B, C and E will begin in 2019 and be completed in phases over the next few years. When installation on Terminal E is complete, DFW will be the first US airport to have A-VDGS on every gate.