ADB SAFEGATE introduces CORTEX SAFE-r, its new fully integrated Runway Status Lights (RWSL) System

ADB SAFEGATE announced today the launch of CORTEX SAFE-r, its newest Runway Status Lights solution, which brings to the market the only RWSL processor with light switching capability, and that operates in conjunction with the new AXON EQ lights.

After participating in the successful, multi-year RWSL project initiated by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2008, ADB SAFEGATE has started a new era for RWSL technology with CORTEX SAFE-r, which combines the RWSL logic with the RWSL Field Lighting System (FLS).

CORTEX SAFE-r is an entirely independent system that offers immediate and reliable light activation when used with the latest ADB SAFEGATE LINC 360 technology.

This integrated approach reduces light activation time and allows ADB SAFEGATE to fully control the system performance, making it the only solution in the market provided by one single party.

“Since 2008, the Runway Status Lights system has proven to be the most effective solution to keep the airfield safe,” said Airfield Business Line VP Regardt Willer.

“This is why we decided to invest further in this technology and provide our customers with CORTEX SAFE-r, the safest, most advanced solution in the market.

“Together with our AXON EQ lights, SAFE-r RWSL will guarantee an immediate and automatic response to any potentially unsafe situation on the runway.”

This new ADB SAFEGATE RWSL solution provides additional safety, above the standard clearances, stop bar activation and A-SMGCS safety nets while simultaneously reducing intervention time, which is critical to ensure that accidents do not occur.

The solution is scalable and can be tailored based on airport operations and airport hot spots.