ADB SAFEGATE LINC 360 communication platform boosts airfield situational awareness with two-way asset communication

Intelligent power line communication system based on the company’s Airfield 4.0 roadmap goes beyond classic individual light control and monitoring systems (ILCMS)

ADB SAFEGATE is unveiling its Airfield proprietary OFDM-based power line communication platform LINC 360 at inter airport Europe 2021. This next-generation telemetry offers a 360-degree, real-time view of the airfield. LINC 360 enables faster control and monitoring of airfield assets as well as seamless collection of sensor data. By leveraging the existing airfield lighting power circuit, it transmits this data at high rates that are resistant to external interference and, by doing so, it offers a cost-effective and future-proof way to boost airport performance.

“For assets and tools to be able to communicate with each other in real time, a robust, fast, and reliable communications infrastructure is essential,” said Nicholas Ververken, Global Product Manager, ADB SAFEGATE. “LINC 360 is one of the building blocks of this communications infrastructure that we’re creating. What sets it apart from existing power line communication systems is its ability to transmit data two ways – to and from assets at high speeds – to fulfill the data needs of tomorrow, thus moving beyond pure ILCMS.”

Examples of such communication include transmission of sensor data upstream from assets such as lights, PAPI units or signs which increasingly feature built-in sensors and even video capturing. LINC 360 also has the data rate to send bigger payloads downstream which allows it to address signage with flexible messaging. The existing airfield ground lighting cabling infrastructure is used as a communication channel, making migration easier and cost effective.

LINC 360 is a telemetry component of ADB SAFEGATE’s Airfield 4.0 roadmap which brings digital technologies such as sensors to support intelligent airfield operations. Its main components include the controller in the substation and the internal or external remotes that support individual light control and monitoring in the field. Field sensors can be integrated into the LINC 360 system to detect and transmit local surveillance information via power line communication. An integrated web server allows easy setup, configuration, operation, and maintenance.

LINC 360 can serve as a stand-alone monitoring system or be integrated with an airfield lighting control and monitoring system (ALCMS). It provides the known benefits of an ILCMS, including selective AGL and stop bar control and monitoring, and taxiway routing support. It also supports CAT monitoring and advanced routing systems like A-SMGCS, in a more robust way, thanks to better communication principles and forward error correction.

LINC 360 provides reliable aircraft guidance in all-weather conditions and reduces the risk of runway incursions to increase airside safety. Airports can also optimize airfield operations and maintenance as the system automatically detects and reports lamp failures, decreasing downtime and maintenance costs. More importantly, it enables connectivity between airfield assets, allowing airfield and air traffic control personnel to make quick, accurate decisions based on the status of connected airfield assets.

ADB SAFEGATE will showcase LINC 360, its next-generation power line communication platform, at stand 1320, Hall B5 at inter airport Europe in Munich from November 9 – 12. Visitors will also be able to view demos of the Airfield 4.0 proof of concept and how an intelligent, interconnected airfield can raise safety, efficiency, and sustainability.