Ground Handling

AirBridgeCargo’s Boeing 747-8F nose-loading capability facilitates smooth delivery of 16-meter long equipment

AirBridgeCargo Airlines, part of Volga-Dnepr Group with 30+ years of experience in oversized and super-heavy air cargo transportation, has masterminded delivery of 16-meter long busher equipment together with TVS SCS / Pan Asia Logistics Germany onboard Boeing 747-8F from Frankfurt (Germany) to Zhengzhou (China).

The super-long cargo, weighing almost 16 tonnes, is meant to bolster a power transmission project in China. With years of practical experience and handling expertise in transporting super heavy and off sized cargoes, abc XL team has made all the necessary calculations and prepared build-up instructions to facilitate smooth loading procedures on the day of departure. Boeing 747-8F unique loading feature allowed for single-piece transportation without equipment’s dismantling which speeded up the loading procedures, eliminated the risks and stimulated easy-to-handle installation process on-site.

Nikolay Glushnev, General Director of AirBridgeCargo Airlines, highlights: “Every time we are entrusted to ship out-of-gauge cargo we feel privileged for gaining unique competences from our Volga-Dnepr’s colleagues as well as building a dedicated abc XL team capable to handle any logistics challenge. With 30+ years of best practice, robust procedures in place, adherence to high-quality standards and qualified personnel we are able to process XL shipment requests and come up with viable logistics solutions, as well as advise on any handling issues. We keep on expanding our network of XL online stations to enable flawless cargo journey and ensure the availability of essential equipment, sophisticated airport and ground handling facilities and certified staff. On top of that, our nose-door loading capability guarantees speed and safety of the whole process and has been so far applied for more than 10% of all XL shipments during the first 8 months of 2020”.

For more than 15 years AirBridgeCargo has been providing dedicated services for outsized and super heavy shipments through an active partnership with airports, ground handling agents and customers guaranteeing delivery in line with OEM guidelines and customers’ requirements. Its certified abc XL specialists have been working under projects of various complexity range, tackling logistics challenges thanks to a massive history data with all the calculations, data base of ‘standard’ off sized equipment (i.e.aircraft engines), sophisticated IT tools for 3D modelling and regular industry trainings.