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American Airlines names Evita Garces as maintenance director

On Nov. 13, Evita “Evie” Garces, Managing Director of Maintenance Operations Control at American Airlines, was named the company’s new FAA-certificated Director of Maintenance (DOM).

As the first female and the first Latina team member to occupy this position, American is ‘making history as it upholds its commitment to diversity,’ according to a news release on the airline’s corporate site.

The airline noted: “As the new DOM, Evie is responsible for ensuring that all work on the airline’s aircraft is performed in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs); staying up to date on, and maintaining access to, all FARs; and serving as the main maintenance liaison between the FAA and American.”

“She and her team also oversee the day-to-day technical operations of American, which includes oversight of aircraft maintenance, vendor operations in more than 150 cities, ownership of the aircraft maintenance deferral process and the management of out-of-service aircraft.”

The role was previously occupied by Steve Bobzin, who recently announced his retirement effective at the end of the year.

“Today, she is recognized as American’s designated team member to move the company’s maintenance strategy forward, ultimately helping to improve the airline’s operations,” the news release concluded.