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AOA: Industry should ‘put the passenger at the heart of future UK-EU relationship

Airside at the AOA conference last year.

Commenting on the Exiting the EU Select Committee’s report The future UK-EU Relationship, Chief Executive of the AOA Karen Dee said:

“The recently agreed transition period provides the aviation industry and its passengers some certainty over air travel in the coming years. As we look at what comes after the transition period, the Exiting the EU Select Committee’s report includes a welcome call for continued participation in the European Aviation Safety Agency.

“The report also recognises the importance of the UK agreeing new air services agreements and air safety agreements to enable today’s air traffic to continue unhindered.

“Airports across the EU would like to see an agreement that matches as closely as possible today’s arrangements to maintain a competitive aviation market across Europe. This puts the passenger at the heart of a future deal to ensure they continue to benefit from excellent air connectivity, whether they live and work in the EU or in the UK.”