AOA says APD is barrier to UK’s ambition of becoming a global power

Source: Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association. 

Commenting on the Airlines UK report released today that shows that APD inhibits the UK’s aviation connectivity, Chief Executive of the AOA, Karen Dee said:

“Today’s report demonstrates again that Air Passenger Duty severely limits the UK’s aviation connectivity. It shows that APD inhibits the creation of new routes and the expansion of existing ones, costing the UK economy through lost opportunities.

“With the Government aiming for the UK to become a truly Global Britain, the report is further evidence that they must tackle this tax on trade in the upcoming Budget.

“The AOA believes a cut of at least 50% in APD is vital for our post-Brexit future. This would bring UK APD in line with Germany, who levy the next highest aviation tax in the EU, and thus create a more level playing field for the UK aviation sector.