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Aurigny aims to fight foggy airports with new planes

Aurigny has purchased three new aircraft with ‘fog-beating technology’ in an effort to navigate the bad weather often faced by airlines arriving into airports.

The airline, based in the island of Guernsey,  is planning to buy three 600-series ATR72 aircraft which will be equipped with special technology that involves the use of an enhanced vision system called ClearVision.

As the BBC reported, chief executive of the airline, Mark Darby, stated that the planes will be a “game changer”.

“It won’t be a perfect solution, it won’t be every time it’s foggy we can land, but based on last year’s performance we think probably about 50% more flights would get in during fog”, he stated.

“So, it would make a difference, and if you’re on one of those 50% of flights it’s a big difference”.