Avery-Hardoll Product Line Acquired by Silea Liquid Transfer

Liquid Controls LLC, a unit of IDEX Corporation announced today the sale of the Avery-Hardoll brand flow meter product line to Silea Liquid Transfer S.r.l of Ozzano dell’Emilia, Italy.

Included in the sale are BM, CM, and DM series flow meter product lines and intellectual property associated with the Avery-Hardoll brand of positive displacement flow meters.

“Since 1932, Avery-Hardoll has been one of the leading brands of flow meters in the EMEA and Asian markets. We are pleased to work with Silea to bring the brand back home to Europe and see it’s storied success continue well into the future,” said Art Laszlo, President of IDEX Energy, Advanced Flow Solutions.

Silea is a leader in the greater EMEA market supplying terminal loading/unloading arms, floating suction, pumps, and related products to the oil and gas industry. “We are humbled by the opportunity to add Avery-Hardoll, one of the most respected meter brands in the world to our portfolio”, said Luca Bozzi, Managing Director of Silea Liquid Transfer. “It is also a great responsibility to ensure its continued success and we are looking forward to serving Avery-Hardoll customers with the excellence they’ve grown to expect from the brand,” emphasized Bozzi.

Liquid Controls will retain and continue to innovate the MASTERLOAD® series electronic registers including the new MASTERLOAD.iQ™ and MASTERLOADx.iQ™ registers while supporting customers world-wide with our leading portfolio of Liquid Controls meters and electronic registration products for the refined fuels, LPG, and aviation fueling industries.