Ground Handling

Aviapartner extends footprint through joint venture with South Africa

Aviapartner, leading Airport Ground Services group in Europe, enters a Joint Venture with Colossal to serve airlines and passengers in South Africa.

With this partnership, the Belgium headquartered company expands its territory outside Europe.

Aviapartner will control 51% of the new Joint Venture. Colossal employs close to 2.400 people and operates at six South African airports, of which Johannesburg and Cape Town, respectively the first and third largest airport on the African continent.

Its customer portfolio includes airlines such as Airlink, British Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Lufthansa and South African Airways.

Aviapartner, with 73 years of experience in Airport Ground Services business, employs close to 12.000 people across Europe, operating at 64 airports in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and soon Switzerland.

With this acquisition, Aviapartner gains a presence in South Africa, supported by Colossal. This aligns with its ambition to extend operations beyond European borders.

Richard Prince, Aviapartner CEO states, “Aviapartner has tripled in size over the last 15 years. With this partnership we take the opportunity to expand our operating horizons.

“This Joint Venture allows us to enter the South African market and to offer the same Quality and Safety already provided to passengers and airliners at leading European airports.

“We welcome Colossal Africa Aviation Services to the Aviapartner portfolio and look forward to a fruitful partnership in the coming years.”