Ground Handling

AVIAPARTNER JOINS ASA Airport Services Association

The Airport Services Association (ASA) has announced to the audience gathered in Athens at its first ASA Leadership Forum that Aviapartner, a major ground-handling service provider, had joined the Association.

Richard Prince, CEO Aviapartner said: “With the significant industry challenges we face, we need a strong voice to help shape the industry, the discussion of regulation, the impact of ESG, working with IATA on the future of IGOM and ISAGO.

“It is time for a strong industry association to pave the way for future generations to come.

“At Aviapartner we understand that a collective industry body to represent us on these significant topics will have a wider impact and that is the reason we want to be part of ASA.”

Fabio Gamba

“The addition of this leading light in European ground handling to our members’ family is a great recognition of the reach and influence of ASA”, commented Fabio Gamba, General Manager.

“We want to thank Aviapartner for their support and trust.”