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Aviator Airport Alliance wins “Sustainability Award 2024” from Lufthansa Group

Aviator Airport Alliance wins "Sustainability Award 2024" from Lufthansa Group

Aviator Airport Alliance, a full-range provider of aviation services at 15 airports across the Nordics, has announced it has been awarded the “Sustainability Award 2024” by Lufthansa Group at their Arlanda station, marking a significant achievement in its partnership.

This award, the first of its kind from Lufthansa Group and a debut win for Aviator, recognizes the company’s leading-edge sustainability practices in aviation services.

Jonas Brundin, Managing Director in Sweden at Aviator Airport Alliance stated: “100% of Lufthansa Group turnarounds at Arlanda have been CO2 neutral since our operations started in May 2023, powered entirely by renewable energy.

“With 65% of our Ground Support Equipment (GSE) fleet electrified, we’re not just cutting down emissions but also improving the workplace by reducing noise and pollutants.”

Uwe Teichmann, Station Manager in Arlanda at Lufthansa Group, praised Aviator’s efforts, saying, “Aviator’s forward-thinking in sustainable aviation services, notably their early adoption of electric ground handling equipment and continuous fleet optimization, embodies our shared goals for a more sustainable aviation future.”

Aviator’s sustainability efforts are at the forefront of its service provision, with key initiatives like investing in the first fully electric high loader in 2009, introducing the Kalmar TBL100 electric, and acquiring the first serial-produced fully electric Mulag ULD-transporter in 2018.

With these steps, plus transitioning remaining diesel equipment to HVO100 biofuel, Aviator aims to reach 100% CO2 neutrality in Sweden by 2025.