Aviramp unveil their latest product ‘the Chair Lifter’

Nobody should ever be denied the opportunity to enjoy accessible travel again, simply because a wheelchair is too heavy to lift into the aircraft hold.

Not now Aviramp have released their latest product ‘the Chair Lifter’!

Latest trials in Edinburgh have effectively demonstrated the new Aviramp ‘Chair Lifter’, which is now looking to set another ‘world first,’ in delivering unrivalled benefits to disabled passengers, who currently run the risk of damaged Electric Mobility Aids (EMA’s), and consequently a negative impact on holiday plans as well.

The Aviramp ‘Chair Lifter’ is very simple to operate, towed using a single tug for one aircraft drop, or loaded for multiple aircraft drops, it has the capability of carrying up to three EMAs, weighing up to 300 kgs each.

In terms of its operational manoeuvrability, the ‘Chair Lifter’ is pre-loaded at the terminal, where the wheelchairs are pushed up onto a ramped carry tray, there it is stowed safely, until it reaches the aircraft hold. Its solar-powered lift in the mid-section of the ‘Chair Lifter’ raises to the top platform, where the tray is then moved to one side, and placed on a roller bed.

Once this process clicks into place, the lift element is then lowered, in order for a second and/or third EMA, to be safely loaded in the same manner.

The EMAs are immediately transported to the aircraft belt loader, where a bridging ramp, consisting of a ball bearing roller track is lowered onto the belt, for the tray containing the EMA to be easily pushed onto the same belt.

The flat tray doubles as protection for the actual belt itself, its flat surface touching the point load of the wheels of the tray-less EMA.

This also prevents the EMA from falling off the belt loader completely, which often happens in so many cases when using alternative methods.

The tray is then returned to the ‘Chair Lifter’ for multiple uses. Once at the top of the belt, a small ramp is then lowered from the tray, and the EMA is simply wheeled into the aircraft hold.

There is no manual lifting whatsoever throughout the entire process.

So the ‘Chair Lifter’ ensures compliance with Health and Safety for all ground staff. Yet another huge benefit.

Although Aviramp have branded this new piece of ground handling kit as the Aviramp ‘Chair Lifter’, its uses have proved multi- functional during recent trials, which highlighted the product as being hugely advantageous when loading other heavy items; safely, quickly, and with maximum efficiency.