Baggage handler walkout causes baggage build-up at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport

Anger over salary cuts has led baggage handlers to quit at Russia’s main airport, causing approximately one tonne of uncollected luggage to pile up.

The Moscow metro sent workers to help out after the mass walkout, which resulted in hectic scenes as piles of suitcases built up in the airport’s loading areas.

There was “still about a tonne of luggage that hasn’t been sorted,” said Transport Minister Yevgeny Ditrikh, as customers complained of waiting for hours to retrieve their belongings.

The airport only admitted there was a problem last week, promising to “take necessary measures” to solve the problem by the end of the month.

Much of the luggage has not made its way to the carousels and trainee train drivers from the metro system have been sent to try to help with the situation.