Berlin’s Tegel Airport has announced the cancellation of all flights

Berlin’s main airport, Tegel Airport, has announced the cancellation of all flights due to a strike by ground staff.

The strike, which began on Monday morning, is causing significant disruptions for travelers and airlines alike.

The strike, which is being organized by the Verdi trade union, involves ground staff such as baggage handlers and check-in employees.

The union is demanding a pay increase of 6% for its members, as well as an increase in staffing levels at the airport.

As a result of the strike, all flights in and out of Tegel Airport have been cancelled until further notice.

The airport has advised passengers to check with their airlines for updates on their flights and to expect delays and cancellations.

The strike is having a ripple effect on other airports in the region as well, with some flights being diverted or delayed.

Airlines are also having to re-route flights and find alternative airports for their passengers.

The strike comes at a particularly bad time for travelers, as it coincides with the start of the school holiday season in Germany.

Many families have had to cancel or postpone their travel plans, causing frustration and inconvenience.

The management of the airport and the union are currently in talks to try and resolve the issue, but it remains to be seen when flights will resume. .

In the meantime, travelers are advised to stay informed and stay in contact with their airlines.