Boschung introduces bMoves, the brand new field service management solution

Specialists in surface condition management, the Boschung Group is expanding its digital portfolio with bMoves, the leading solution for field service management.

Designed to ease the workload for road and airport maintenance departments as well as businesses, bMoves features straightforward tools to enhance field services, on-site reporting and fleet management.

“With the bMoves app, absolutely everything an operator does in the field is accurately recorded and located,” stated a press release.

“Be it logging in work reports, recording used equipment or taking notes, the bMoves app for Android and iOS, features an easy-touse interface for efficient and reliable data acquisition.

“Furthermore, bMoves can wirelessly connect to any vehicle and retrieve all its data, such as route or equipment usage”.

All interventions from each operator are displayed in real time on a phone, tablet or computer.

“It has always been essential that this solution be intuitive and straightforward for all users, both in the office and in the field. Therefore, we worked closely with our people active in the field to design the right digital solution”, said Filipe Lourenço, CEO of Boschung Mecatronic.

“With bMoves, we offer a powerful Field Service Management solution which can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into an existing digital infrastructure”, continues Filipe Lourenço.

Beyond a simple overview of the current situation, bMoves offers insights from up to 10 years into the past with as much precision as the current situation.

Thanks to a export function, every intervention can be outputted in customized and shareable reports.