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British Airways to hire more Heathrow ground staff to avoid summer chaos

British Airways to hire more Heathrow ground staff to avoid summer chaos
The airline sacked thousands of workers during the coronavirus pandemic (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

British Airways will recruit more staff at its Heathrow hub to minimise disruption during the peak summer season, various media outlets have reported.

According to Bloomberg, a spokesperson for the airline said BA is looking to hire an additional 350 workers – whose jobs will include ground handling and customer service roles.

It means the British flag carrier’s workforce will increase by 5 per cent at Heathrow after the airline sacked thousands of employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

But it has struggled to rehire since travel has bounced back post-Covid.

The airline is recruiting more people as part of a broader transformation plan being implemented by its chief executive officer, Sean Doyle. BA expects this summer to be its busiest since the pandemic.

But the carrier improved its on-time performance in the first quarter of 2024, Doyle said at the IATA annual meeting in Dubai.

British Airways is also upgrading some of its computers and other technology at the airport after having struggled with creaking IT systems repeatedly failing in the busiest months, stranding passengers with last minute flight cancellations.

According to the BA spokesperson, while it is building a new IT system, that upgrade will not be fully rolled out by this summer.

The extra staff are therefore key to ensuring operations run smoothly.