Canada’s airport welcome new federal council to boost visitor economy

The Canadian Airports Council today welcomed the announcement of an Advisory Council on Jobs and the Visitor Economy to assist Minister of Tourism and Official Languages Melanie Joly in the development of a tourism strategy by next summer.

As a major air transport stakeholder, Canada’s airports look forward to meeting with the council to bring high-level awareness to the challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s airports and industry partners.

“Tourism is a major economic driver for Canada, a $97.4 billion industry that employs some 1.8 million Canadians, with about 194,000 direct jobs at Canada’s airports.

These are not only in Canada’s biggest cities but also in regional economic centres and small communities throughout the country,” said CAC President Daniel-Robert Gooch.

“Tourism does help every part of the country, urban and rural, and it does supports middle class jobs that cannot be easily replaced.

Many of these are in air transport and given the important role of air transport to the success of our tourism sector, an effective tourism strategy must consider the government role in addressing issues and opportunities identified by Canada’s airports and our partners in the air travel supply chain.”

Further information on Canad’s airports statement can be read here.