Chennai Airport recorded only two cases of bag theft in last four years

Chennai Airport has recorded only two incidents of baggage theft in the last four years, according to statistics – a direct contrast to other airports in the country.

As reported in the Times of India, statistics regarding baggage theft prevention at the airport were presented before the country’s parliament and found that only two cases of theft were recorded over a period of four years – both in 2015.

The low number of incidents is a contrast to other recorded thefts at Indian airports: 34 in Hyderabad, 144 in Dehli and 40 in Mumbai.

A spokesperson from the Airports Authority of India noted that the reduction in theft was possible by taking steps to ensure that the baggage handing area in the basement of the airport is monitored and good training is provided to ground handlers.

The official continued to state that CCTV has also played a large role in reducing theft. Better vetting from the ground handling companies in employing trustworthy workers has also benefited the airport.