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Chennai airport to launch GSE and bus simulator

Chennai airport is to introduce a training simulator for those operating ground support equipment and driving buses navigating between the terminal and aircraft.

Users of GSE such as pushback tractors and tow trucks and drivers of airport buses will be able to train with the new simulator.

Chennai airport stated that the training simulator was a necessary addition as a few incidents on the ramp recently has established the need for further training.

As The Hindu in India reported, an airport official noted: ““A few months ago, an airline’s ground staff manning a tow truck hit an aircraft and there was a minor damage. Though it was not a serious incident, we want to take steps to prevent major accidents.

Another reason is that we notice these staff indulging in rash driving sometimes and it may lead to a serious accident one day”.

Mitigating hazards on the apron and preventing aircraft damage are two perennial and paramount concerns for those working airside. It seems that Chennai Airport are becoming honest and proactive in managing the risks.