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C&L Aerospace signs material support agreement with TAG Airlines

C&L Aerospace, a C&L Aviation Group company, has signed a material support agreement with TAG Airlines for their Embraer 145 and Saab fleet. This new partnership will allow C&L to better support its customers in the Latin American market.

“We have seen that the regional airlines businesses are starting to have access to better aircraft in Latin America as market conditions have changed,” said Carlos Ordonez, C&L’s Director of Business Development in Latin America. “My commitment remains to be able to understand the customer needs in the region and to align them with the full regional aircraft support that C&L offers.”

C&L Aviation has been in the Saab 340 business for more than 20 years and is recognized as a world leader in the regional aircraft market. C&L entered the ERJ market several years ago and continues to see impressive growth in those areas.

“C&L has been a partner for many years on our SAAB fleet and we are counting on them to support us as we grow our Embraer 145 fleet,” said Jonathan Layton, TAG Airlines CEO.

In addition to the material support agreement, TAG Airlines has hired C&L for its paint services as well.