Cochin Airport to resume operations ‘soon’ following flood

Source: The Indian Express.

Cochin Airport, one of the busiest in India, has said it will aim to reopen soon after a recent flood forced the airport to suspend all operations.

In a released statement, as reported by national media in the country, the airport noted it will resume flight operations on August 29, a full two weeks after heavy rains and floods forced the airport to close and all flights to be grounded.

“As central Kerala is yet to recover from post-flood trauma it is a daunting task to arrange for commutation, logistics of arranging catering items, which will have a cascading effect on passengers.

In view of these apprehensions we will resume operations on August 29,” the airport said in a statement, as reported by The Hindu.

The rain and floods have damaged the radar, navigation system and runway at the airport, one of the busiest in the country.