Copenhagen Airport will close parts of the terminals and 24 gates

With a decrease of more than 90 percent in the number of travelers due to travel restrictions, parts of Copenhagen Airport will be closed from 25th November. Passengers will continue to experience a safe airport while the costs are reduced.

Before the Covid-19 crisis, 83,000 passengers traveled through Copenhagen Airport daily. Today, an average of only 5,600 people travels due to the restrictions that discourage all unnecessary travel to practically the entire world. Therefore, it has been decided to close about 40 percent of the terminal area and 24 gates.

• Pier A and Pier West complex with gates A2-A34 will be closed.

• Access to the Central Security Checkpoint from Terminal 2 will be closed.

For passengers, checking in, in Terminal 2, the closure of the access to the Security Checkpoint means that you must go back to Terminal 3 to access Security. The rest of the closure will not have any noticeable consequences for passengers

“We can reduce our expenses a bit on electricity, cleaning, maintenance and patrolling by closing parts of the terminals. Every penny we can spare is absolutely crucial at a time, where the airport has lost nearly all revenue and we have to lend a larger double-digit amount of money every month to continue to operate,” says COO Christian Poulsen.

“With the closing of parts of the terminals, we can give the few passengers, who are still travelling, a slightly better experience by narrow down the passenger area, so it doesn’t feel as empty as today with a continued focus on physical distance and safe operation of the airport,” says Christian Poulsen.

The closure of approximately 40 percent of the gate area will be carried into effect from 25th November 2020 and will persist throughout 2021. It will bepossible to reopen the closed areas within two months should the number of passengers increase to a level, where the need of more space will occur.

The closure will be carried out in cooperation with the affected airlines, companies and ground handlers, while a number of operating areas have already been closed down. Tenants and staff will continue to have access to all needed areas.

Last week, in consultation with the airlines, it was also decided to close down operations ofall commercial passenger flights during nighttime from 00:00 to 06:00 all 7 days a week, to reduce the costs for airlines, the airport, the authorities and not least the ground handlers.. Cargo flights are not included in the night closure and will continue to operate

“The decisions to close down commercial operations at night and close down part of the terminal area, entails a reduction in CPH’s capacity to handle air traffic, but we will continue to be able to live up to our obligations as Denmark’s international airport,” Christian Poulsen emphasizes.