Danish aviation will be CO2 neutral by 2050 with joint industry initiative

The Danish aviation industry is working together in partnership to create a climate initiative aimed at reducing CO2 emissions which are caused by air traffic.  

In the new joint initiative, Dansk Luftfart (the trade association of the Danish aviation sector), is working towards greener aviation.

The trade association’s climate proposal ensures that the Danish aviation industry will be CO2 neutral by 2050 and by 2030, the fossil footprint of Danish aviation will be reduced by 30-percent, compared to 2017.

Photo by Standby Nordic – Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport will support the demand for Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF) and other long-term technological solutions that reduce fossil emission. These new measures will serve to intensify the journey towards a greener climate.

In addition to the four specific initiatives, Dansk Luftfart also proposes the establishment of an aviation climate partnership, consisting of representatives from the aviation industry, policy makers, think tanks and researchers.

Feature image by Standby Nordic