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Dedienne Aerospace reaches nacelle GSE agreement with Collins Aerospace

Aerospace maintenance company Dedienne Aerospace has announced a new license agreement for nacelle Ground Support Equipment (GSE) with the Aerostructures Division of Collins Aerospace.

The agreement includes sales, maintenance, calibration, leasing and services, and authorises Dedienne Aerospace to provide GSE related services on nacelle programs for numerous engines.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be extending our long relationship with Collins Aerospace by providing all nacelle tooling references for their customers,” said Cédric Barbe, CEO of Dedienne Aerospace.

This is another great endorsement for Dedienne Aerospace, which continues to demonstrate its expertise, reliability and performance. We’re looking forward to working closely with Collins Aerospace and to satisfy their customers with our top products and our cutting-edge tooling services portfolio.”

The license agreement allows Dedienne Aerospace to improve legacy GSE designs in collaboration with Collins Aerospace, to bring any lagging products up to current design standards which improve customer safety and ease of use.

Some of the nacelle programs Dediennce now has authorisation to work on include A220, E2, E190, MRJ nacelle programs, as well as legacy nacelle programs V2500, PW4000, CFM56, CF680E1/E2, CF34, RB211, Trent 700, and 737.