Denver Airport celebrates anniversary of pedestrian bridge

This week, the Denver International Airport (DEN) is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the construction of its Pedestrian Bridge, one of only two of its kind that are built in the world today.

The Bridge connects the Main Terminal with Concourse A, with a security portal on its lower deck and international customs accessed on its upper level. Constructed in 1993 in an effort to offer a pedestrian alternative to the new airport’s inter-terminal train system, the bridge was a widely acclaimed design feat for its time.

“This project was incredibly sophisticated. This was the first time a passenger structure had been built in the world large enough to allow for planes to travel underneath.

And at a length of 365 feet, we designed it so two planes could pass under it side-by-side,” said Luis O. Acosta, the Architect of Record who led the project’s design.

This team did a wonderful job of creating something never before built, in a condensed timeframe to support Denver’s globally-renowned airport. That the project has remained virtually un-touched since its construction is a real testament to the talent that brought this project to life,” said Brian Holland, with Mortenson Construction.