Doncaster Airport comment on Heathrow third runway expansion

Doncaster Sheffield Airport in the north of England has hailed the proposed third runway expansion at London Heathrow.

Chris Harcombe, Aviation Development Director, Doncaster Sheffield Airport said:  “We welcome the Government setting out final proposals and backing for the expansion of London Heathrow.  It is very important for UK competitiveness to have a thriving and expanded global aviation hub in Heathrow.

“However it must come with balance for the rest of the UK through a clear government strategy to unlock existing aviation capacity in the regions and in turn stimulate economic growth locally.

“We have significant capacity available at DSA which can be realised with just one intervention, connecting the airport by rail to the East Coast Mainline, making it the only airport on a mainline along the east side of the country.

“Crucially a station at DSA would also be a catalyst for creating new employment opportunities, new housing, tourism and could serve a potential Heathrow Logistics Hub here at the airport.

The station can be delivered in just five years, at a cost of £170m which represents a fraction of the cost of many nationally backed government schemes and will return to the economy of the North, £16 per for every £1 spent”.