Dubai World Central to gain traffic from DXB’s southern runway closure

Dubai World Central (DWC) will experience additional traffic when Dubai International Airport (DXB) closes its southern runway for refurbishment from April 16 to May 30, 2019.

During the 45-day refurbishment period, the number of passenger flights to DWC is expected to increase by 700 percent, making DWC an alternative destination to absorb affected scheduled, charter, cargo and general operations.

Paul Griffiths, chief executive officer for Dubai Airports, said: “The most significant change for passengers during the period will be the need to confirm the airport that they travelling to or from. It’s a great opportunity to showcase DWC’s newly expanded facilities that can now accommodate up to 26.5 million passengers annually and we’re confident that it will shine.”

Dubai’s roads and transport authority will provide a fully integrated ground transportation solution for Dubai World Central (DWC), with a regular bus service from key locations in Dubai and a dedicated fleet of taxis serving the airport. Dubai Airports will also have an express bus service operating between DXB and DWC every 30 minutes.

At peak times, more than 90 construction vehicles per hour will enter and exit the airport, with more than 18,500 truckloads materials and personnel, to be transported to and from the airport for the runway refurbishment programme.  More than 1,900 employees will be involved in the project.

Customers will also be able to take advantage of the free shaded parking at DWC’s 2,500 capacity car park.