Dublin Airport to convert all vehicles to low-emission versions

Dublin Airport has announced a new plan to convert its existing fleet of 111 vehicles to low-emission vehicles (LEVs) over the next five years.

The LEV conversion is part of a wider sustainability drive from the airport, with aims including the improvement of air quality, noise reduction, cutting down on carbon emissions and reducing energy usage.

 “Our licence to grow Dublin Airport is predicated on operating in a sustainable manner and we take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously,” said Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison.

“Using low-emission vehicles is another great step in achieving our sustainability targets and being an exemplar to other airports and organisations in Ireland and across the world.

“Our fleet management team continually monitor the developing LEV market to identify appropriate vehicles that can replace existing vehicles in line with our vehicle maintenance strategies.”

The specialist four-wheel drive vehicles in question are required as part of the airport’s operation, and were able to be updated to LEVs thanks to a newly developed plug-in, hybrid replacement.

Following successful rollout of its four-wheel drive LEV operation, Dublin Airport also plans to replace its buses with a low emission fleet by 2022.

The airport’s sustainability strategy has seen it reduce its energy consumption by over 9 million kWh over the last five years, and reduce its water consumption per passenger by 26.8 litres.