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easyJet choose e-DNA to operate price-intelligence product

A leading provider of market intelligence, e-DNA, has been chosen by easyJet, to operate its advanced, price-intelligence product ChannelEye across the airline’s network.

ChannelEye is powered by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and delivers pricing insights and competitive intelligence data that enables easyJet to monitor and effectively manage its third-party distribution channels.

Jon Soars, Director of e-DNA, said ChannelEye is designed to provide deep insights, through its customized dashboards, about how fares, seats and bags are displayed and sold via online travel agents (OTA) and Meta sites.”

Marilyn Barnett, Distribution Strategy Manager at easyJet, said: “With the rise of OTA and Meta channels, there is a growing need to maintain control and monitor compliance, so we can optimise our distribution strategy.

“We selected ChannelEye after evaluating a number of channel management products because, as a solution, it provides comprehensive insights on how our fares and ancillary products are sold via third parties.”

ChannelEye is an innovative SaaS-based pricing intelligence product is fully customizable and simple to use. Modules include tracking and compliance intelligence as well as tools to prevent unwanted data.

Photo credit: easyJet