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EJ to showcase infrastructure access solutions at Inter Airport South East Asia

EJ will showcase design solutions which bring reliability and efficiency to operations for airport authorities and airport management companies, at the Inter Airport South East Asia show.

During the 2019 edition of Inter Airport South East Asia, which will take place from February 27 to March 1 in Singapore, the manufacturer will present two of its airport-specific range:

The Hinged Hatch for extra heavy duty assisted cover with is mechanical spring strut, allowing operation by one single person, with less than 25 kg lifting effort. Its FOD compliance and safety bar ensures safety for the operator and a quick and easy operation for traffic.

The CA 1055 drainage grating, which has large dimensions for the quick drainage of large quantities of water, leaving safe surfaces and avoiding long interruptions in operations.

EJ, based in Saint Crépin Ibouvillers, France, will also showcase a virtual reality helmet during 2019 Inter Airport, allowing views of its cast iron and steel products, which the company proposes to educate visitors about, through this VR 360 film.

Feature image by EJ – industry solutions at Dublin Airport