Ethiopian Airlines provides fast travel with self check-in

Ethiopian Airlines, the largest aviation group in Africa, has fully implemented the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) self check-in initiative, enabling customers to check-in using their mobile device and avoid queues at the airport.

Passengers travelling to and from Addis Ababa Airport can now check-in and receive their boarding pass using the Ethiopian mobile application, the website, kiosk and auto check-in before arriving at the airport.

Mr Tewolde GebreMariam, group CEO of Ethiopian Airlines, said: “As a customer focused airline, we are very delighted that our main hub is among pioneering airports that are fully implementing IATAs fast travel self check-in initiative.”

The auto check-in enables domestic passengers to get their boarding pass by email three hours before departure, when they provide their email address at the time of booking, offering a ‘hassle-free check-in experience’ for customers.

Self check-in offers passengers easy travelling and allows them to select tickets, pay online and check-in at their own convenience.