Ground Handling

EVA Air subsidiary Evergreen Airline Services’ Employees demand incentives

Employees at Evergreen Airline Services (EGAS), a subsidiary of EVA Air, have asked their union to demand that employees earn incentives that are at least equal to three months’ worth of pay.

The demand is a reflection of worker displeasure with bonuses awarded to their peers at the liner parent, Taiwanese mainline operator Evergreen Marine, which includes EGAS among its aviation affiliates. These bonuses can equal up to 52 months’ worth of wages.

And in response, 150 EGAS employees—most of whom work in ground handling—staged a walkout during the weekend of the new year, disrupting dozens of cargo and passenger flights.

In order to “avoid attrition,” EGAS employees have also requested larger compensation increases. If their requests are not satisfied, they have threatened to take additional time off over the forthcoming Chinese New Year holiday.

Responding to the staff’s requests, EGAS management verbally promised $1,303 in one-time incentives and higher overtime pay for CNY, which starts on January 22.