First fully electric deicer from Vestergaard Company

Vestergaard Company will present its first fully electric deicer at the GSE Expo Europe 2022.

The e-Mini MY Lite is on a Vestergaard electrical chassis and the fluid is heated electrically as well.

A year ago, Vestergaard Company introduced its first e-Mini MY Lite deicer for smaller regional airports.

The e-Mini MY Lite services aircraft up to B757 with a tank capacity of 4,000 liters. The first version was on the Vestergaard 12 T electrical chassis with diesel heaters.

Now we are introducing a new version with electrical heating of the fluid.

The e-Mini MY Lite comes with a 40 or 62 kwh battery and can handle 8-12 deicings depending on rate of contamination/fluid needs and can drive 40-75 km on a single charge.

The unit comes with on-board charger for the chassis and plugin for the heater.

You can see the unit in operation at the Vestergaard Company GSE Expo Europe 2022 stand EX34