Flights chaos yesterday at Manchester Airport after fuel shortage

Nearly 90 flights were cancelled at Manchester Airport over the weekend as unexpected power issues within the airport created a fuel supply problem.

The gateway encountered power issue over the weekend, which had a knock-on effect on the fuel supply leading to 87 flights (42 arrivals and 45 departures) being cancelled and others delayed. 

The airport remained open throughout with passengers referred to their specific airline for further updates and information about their flights.

Manchester Airport tweeted yesterday: “Due to a power issue this afternoon there is currently a problem with the fuel supply at the airport and we have engineers on-site working to fix this. Please speak to your airline for specific flight information and updates.”

Once the issue was resolved, a few hours later, the airport tweeted again: “Engineers have now resolved the power issue which affected the fuel supply. Most scheduled flights will operate as planned; however, we expect that there will be a small number of delays and cancellations as a result of the issues experienced.” 

A spokesperson from Manchester Airport said the issue would be resolved by 03:00 BST, however, this meant that there was a knock-on effect to subsequent flights with long delays still expected at the airport. 

In a statement, the airport said “most scheduled flights” would operate as normal on Monday after engineers resolved the issue, but warned “there will be a small number of delays and cancellations”.

Manchester Airport is being developed and its facilities expanded so it can increase its passenger numbers. The £1 billion development is set to be finished by 2024. The airport now welcomes more than 28 million passengers a year.