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Former Ryanair Manager Carmen Ruck appointed COO by WISAG Aviation

WISAG Aviation Service Holding has appointed the experienced aviation manager Carmen Ruck to the post of Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective February 1, 2022.

She was employed by Ryanair as a top manager for just under 15 years, her sphere of responsibility including the entire operational business of Europe’s largest airline in Germany.

She will head the Aviation Division together with Commercial Manager Angela Stuhr.

Michael C. Wisser, CEO of the WISAG Group of Companies: “With Carmen Ruck we have succeeded in recruiting for WISAG one of the most experienced operating executives in our industry.

“She is completely familiar with all aspects of operating business and WISAG will benefit from her many years’ experience as well as her powerful network of airlines and airports.

“That experience, know-how and network will be welcome at WISAG Aviation and she will thus be playing a major role in the positive development of this Division.

“We are proud to have been able to recruit Carmen Ruck for WISAG and with this new dual leadership we are positioning the Aviation Division ideally for the years ahead.”

Carmen Ruck: “WISAG Aviation is the leading independent provider of ground handling services in Germany.

“I am keen to ensure the ongoing successful development of WISAG in this sector and to play an active part in achieving that goal – I am looking forward to this challenge.

“Initially, the primary focus will no doubt be on dealing with the consequences of the Corona pandemic, which has had a massive economic impact on the aviation industry in particular, and the recovery of which to pre-crisis levels is not yet in sight.

“Nevertheless, it is important to make preparations for post-pandemic times and to come up with innovative and competitive services in order to have a strong foothold on a market characterised by change and dynamism.

“I am convinced that as a team we will meet these challenges successfully.”

With this appointment the WISAG group of companies is making personnel and structural preparations for the time when Michael C. Wisser withdraws progressively from the operational management of the divisions, as announced on numerous occasions, in order to concentrate more on his functions as CEO of the entire group of companies in the coming years.

About Carmen Ruck and her career

Carmen Ruck has more than 20 years’ international experience of top management in the aviation industry and served as Ryanair’s General Manager Ground Operations from 2016 onwards.

She played a key role in developing Ryanair’s activities at more than 80 airports in Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

Previously, she held senior positions at Frankfurt Hahn airport over a period of seven years. She and her husband live in the vicinity of Stuttgart.