Fraport Greece unveils new Mykonos airport design

Fraport Regional Airports of Greece Management Company revealed the design of the new Mykonos airport during an event that took place on the Greek island.

The €25 million investment in set to be completed in 2021, with a design inspired by Aegean pigeon houses, a traditional example of local architecture.

“We are particularly proud of the architectural design of the new Mykonos airport, which combines the vision of the company with the unique features of the Myconian lifestyle,” said Alexander Zinell, CEO of Fraport Greece.

“To date we have implemented a series of upgrades on an operational level, while construction is ongoing during the high-season.

“With a total investment of €25 million, Mykonos Airport will become one of the most modern airports in Greece – a worthy gateway to this outstanding island.”

The finished airport will include a number of upgrades, including a refurbished terminal, a new arrivals area, more gates, two new VIP lounges and a new automated luggage handling system.

“A new jewel is being added to Mykonos that substantially upgrades the services the island provides to its millions of visitors who arrive mostly by air every year from all over the world,” said Mykonos Mayor Konstantinos Koukas.

Fraport said it will invest €400 million in development works at its 14 airports until 2021, as well as additional maintenance and upgrading works during a 40-year concession period – meaning total investment could rise to €1 billion.