Frequentis team up with Dutch air traffic control to implement electronic flight strips

Air Traffic Management company Frequentis announced they have partnered with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) to introduce electronic flight strips at Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

The strips are being rolled out as part of a tower system modernisation program, which is being deployed in order to comply with the Pilot Common Project (PCP) regulations.

“We set an ambitious time schedule to complete this project before the 2019 summer period and the Frequentis and LVNL teams worked hard to ensure it was realised,” said Marcel Bakker, LVNL General Manager Systems & Infrastructure.

“This included ensuring all controllers were trained and ready for the go-live.

“Throughout the project implementation, controllers gave positive feedback about smartSTRIPS and the way it could be adapted to efficiently support their operational workflow, combining fit-for-purpose usability with electronic data connection.”

The smartSTRIPS have now been installed in two towers at Amsterdam Schiphol airport, as part of a drive to digitalise and improve their capability meet market demands for safety, punctuality and processing capacity.

“It is great to hear such positive feedback and see the change this will make to the controller workload and efficiency at such a busy airport,” said Hannu Juurakko, Frequentis Vice President ATM Civil.

“We look forward to completing the next projects in this program and supporting LVNL in their goal for safe, efficient and PCP-compliant air traffic management.”