GLOBALSYS releases its first Wireless audio microphone desk

GLOBALSYS French company specializing in wireless communication systems for the ramp, maintenance and de-icing operations has released its first Wireless audio microphone desk including the high quality DECT Technology they are offering since more than six years in their Airlink 2085 range of products.

After identifying a need in term of accessibility and practicality in pushback tugs, the main interest was to propose an useful unit to keep the pushback driver hands-free while being at the same time in communication with pilots and the outside headset man.

The DKU449, as reference, has already convinced its first end-users in Israel to improve the use of the wireless headsets already present there.

Thanks to a customizable installation depending on dashboard set up, a choice between an handled microphone or a gooseneck microphone, a PTT button and a VOX feature, GLOBALSYS team knows how they will improve the way to work and to communicate around the trucks on current and future airports, and maintain a high customer relationship worldwide.