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GSE & Ramp Ops 2018 comes to a close, reflection begins

As we come to a close on the second day of the  #GSERampOps2018 conference, there are many aspects to highlight, some of which are described below.

As many panel discussions and presentations have demonstrated, preventing aircraft damage; increasing transparency on what safety systems are required; increasing an emphasis on innovation and ensuring training are all key topics in the ground operations ecosystem.

As conference chairman, Peter Martin, dnata, noted, a wider and dedicated forum for establishing conversations on preventing aircraft damage is needed.

Infrastructural support for electric GSE was another enlightening discussion as ground handlers, manufacturers, airport noted it is a complex issue involving cost and return of investment; how airports can support the equipment and how innovation is driving the technology.

Conversations on risk assessment were also pertinent as the governing bodies in aviation continue to produce and enforce legislation in ground operations to ensure safety.

A final presentation on the day is also part of the focus on innovative thought: how can GSE pooling save money and increase efficiency in airport operations?