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GSE & RAMP-OPS AFRICA 2019 opened by Paul Drever

Paul Drever of ground handling specialists Menzies Aviation opened the discussion at the first GSE & RAMP-OPS event in Africa with a summary of some of the key GSE issues in Africa and beyond.

In his role as chairman of the conference, Drever welcomed attendees as well as introducing some of the main themes to be covered, including training, technology, equipment and infrastructure.

“GSE always will be my favourite subject,” said Drever, “but I would like to focus on what to consider for Africa, a continent with such a wide variation of countries.”

He highlighted political stability, climate, connectivity, skillset, licensing and training quality as areas affecting GSE that vary greatly between different regions.

Drever fielded questions from the audience after his talk, on the topics of online training, IATA regulations and communications infrastructure in the continent.