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Guardian Flight selects Baldwin safety and Compliance to enhance safety programs

Baldwin Safety & Compliance of Hilton Head, SC, a leading provider of customized quality and safety management systems, announced today that they have an agreement to support Guardian Flight, the Salt Lake City, UT-based critical care air medical transport company. This arrangement is “a perfect example of how the technology, expertise, and customerspecific support systems we provide extend beyond simply operational safety to all aspects of Safety and Quality Management,” said Don Baldwin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Baldwin.

“We are very pleased to be providing expanded safety solutions to Guardian Flight,” Baldwin continued. “We’re gratified that they will be extending our support throughout Guardian Flight’s operations…and applying our expertise to help them with a full quality management plan, as well.” Baldwin went on to point out that “we have often been asked by our clients if we could do more. Specifically they’ve asked us to help them with their corporate quality programs—not just the safety component.

The answer, of course, was a resounding ‘Yes!’ In fact, the safety management systems we custom-design for our clients are actually just one component of an overall quality management process we employ.” “We are pleased to have the added services of a leader in safety/quality management systems on board to bolster our ongoing efforts as we focus on this crucial aspect of our critical care air transport operations,” said Guardian Flight Director of Safety Steve Kelly. “Baldwin Safety & Compliance’s comprehensive set of safety and quality management tools will be a benefit to the company and our patients as we continue our intense focus on safety going forward.” Baldwin noted that “there are about 20 existing standards in our industry and we have the capability and flexibility to support all of them with our tools.

And, because we have developed easy-touse, simple technology tools to meet aviation standards, we’re also able to seamlessly expand into corporate quality assurance support. Most Quality Management Systems are based on audit and internal evaluation programs. Obviously, we’ve already built these and have them in place. With our expertise, we are able to customize these tools to meet the needs of various industries and operations. We know that no two clients are alike and we have already demonstrated that we can build a customized program for each one.”

Baldwin Aviation estimates that pricing for their quality and safety management services are typically 20-25 percent less because they have created a software suite that is unique and responsive to specific client tools, standards, and work-flows. “We don’t force client operations to conform to a pre-existing template. That certainly applies to our agreement with Guardian Flight, as well. We’ll be working extensively and continuously with them to provide the highest quality of customized Safety and Quality Management,” Baldwin concluded.