Ground Handling

Havas chooses Amadeus technology to modernize passenger and flight services

For ground handlers, using multiple airlines’ Departure Control Systems (DCS) across a number of airports can be a complex and inefficient approach. That’s why Istanbul-based Havas Ground Handling has chosen Amadeus and its Altéa DCS for Ground Handlers to modernize and streamline its operations at 14 airports in Turkey, Latvia and Saudi Arabia. The new system replaces multiple DCS allowing Havas to handle passengers from any airline with one easy-to-use platform.

By deploying Amadeus technology, Havas will help its airline partners to simplify their IT estate by removing the need to deploy multiple DCS at the airports it serves. The consistency of a single system ensures passengers are served according to the unique policies of each airline during check-in, with the information to offer upgrades and collect ancillary revenues for products such as additional baggage, lounge access and meals.

Havas now has the flexibility to deliver a more comprehensive passenger experience with new self-service check-in and boarding options for a smoother airport experience, while roaming agents with mobile devices may now be deployed to reduce crowding and serve passengers throughout the airport. By centralizing its load control operations, a single team, in a central location, can optimize flights for precise weight and balance at multiple airports. This approach increases productivity versus having load controllers on site at each airport, where they may have periods of downtime as they await the next incoming flight.

Mete Erna, Havas Ground Handling General Manager says: “Amadeus technology allows us to provide a better, more efficient service to passengers and airlines alike. Today, perhaps more than ever before, it’s crucial that we can rapidly adapt and provide support for each individual traveler’s need. With Amadeus we have greater flexibility to adapt our services to increase confidence and efficiency in travel.”

Yannick Beunardeau, Vice President EMEA, Airport IT at Amadeus, adds: “The current environment is pressuring all areas of the travel industry and ground handling is no exception. With this agreement we’re supporting Havas to reduce operational costs and respond and adapt the services it offers to be more flexible and personalized as well as helping to deliver increased value to its airline partners.”