HBK Introduces Configurable Piezoelectric Force Measurement Chain CMC

HBK has created new CMC piezoelectric force measurement chains which can be freely configured in more than 200 combinations, making them ideal for a range of industrial measuring tasks, such as joining, forming or assembly processes.

Users can select a sensor that matches their required measuring force, potential initial load, and desired overload range. The selection of the amplifier depends exclusively on the force to be measured, which enables a high output signal and good resolution.

Each measurement chain comprises a sensor, a charge cable, a charge amplifier, and the associated test protocol that documents the relationship between the force in Newtons and the output signal in volts. To improve user accuracy, HBK also specifies the calibration results for multiple force ranges.
Charge cables in different lengths are available to allow for easy integration. CMC force measurement chains are suitable for rapid measurements and force-displacement monitoring, as the sensor’s deflection does not affect the displacement measurement. Plus, all HBK’s measurement chains meet the required IP65 degree of protection.

A switching input allows for zero-balancing of the charge amplifiers and a magnifying function can be activated to ramp up the amplifier’s sensitivity.

Sensors with nominal forces ranging from 5 kN to 120 kN are available. The charge amplifiers have input ranges between 1000 pC and 482,000 pC, with the resulting nominal measurement ranges varying from 125 N to 120 kN.