Heathrow Border Force seize ‘missile parts’ on their way to Iran

Border Force UK at Heathrow Airport has reportedly seized multiple missile warhead parts on their way to Iran.

As reported in the UK’s Evening Standard, multiple warhead components were found in an inspection by the Border Force.

It was stated that the Border Force had inspected a cargo shipment at the airport and found at least two ‘O rings’, which are believed to be able to form part of a military warhead.

It was noted that the airport was informed the materials would be used in the Iranian oil industry, yet Border Force officials were suspicious of their true purpose: to be used as a missile.

An investigation has been opened into the warhead parts and the culprits could face criminal charges.

A spokesperson from the Border Force, the deputy director, Monique Wrench, told the Evening Standard: “We had a couple of O rings that we identified. O rings are pieces of rubber that go between tubes to stop leakage to seal them. They can be used in oil, but they can also be used for warheads and the like. Our staff stopped them from going to Iran.

“It is a component part. It looked like it was going to an oil refinery. But the dots don’t quite join up here.”