Heathrow border force wait targets met only once last month


The border force at Heathrow Airport met its waiting time targets only once last month, according to data acquired by Virgin Atlantic, which labeled the findings ‘frustrating’ for passengers.

The UK’s Border Force was reported to have only met a waiting time target in 1 day out of 31 days in July. Its current target stands at a 45-minute wait or less for 95% of visitors outside the European Economic Area.

Virgin Atlantic obtained the data, according to the BBC, and stated that the UK government must do more to fix the queues. The government has said it will deploy an extra 200 members of staff to the airport during the busy periods.

On some days, passengers were made to wait over 2 and a half hours.

Virgin stated that the airline understands that the border force are responsible for the safety of passengers, yet other countries manage passengers wait times much better.

John Holland-Kaye, the CEO of London Heathrow Airport, also suggested that passengers from ‘lower risk’ countries such as the US should be allowed to use electronic gates, allowing passengers to move more efficiently.