Heathrow considering levying charge for pick-up and drop-off

Heathrow Airport is considering charging vehicle users dropping off or picking up passengers in front of the airport’s terminals.

In an effort to meet environmental air quality obligations, the management at the airport is considering making the changes to how passengers are picked up or dropped off.

The airport is also floating the idea of giving priority access to low-emission vehicles and taxis and buses arriving at the terminals.

Heathrow’s chiefs is also considering an emissions-based charge for vehicles, again in a move to meet environmental obligations.

The airport’s management said that these changes would only be introduced after consultation periods and they are currently looking towards better public transport access to the airport as the primary option.

The concerns on sustainability come amidst the UK government’s green-lighting of expansion at Heathrow.  The UK government’s cabinet recently voted in favor of a third runway to be built at the London airport to relieve capacity.